World of Warcraft Money – Make Lots of Gold

Well frankly I don’t like it but unfortunately while striding through the wilds of Aseroth – I have a major dilemma – I’m broke. Not completely broke mind you – just not able to afford the best things in life – not unlike my real life – which doesn’t feel entirely fair. Mind you World of Warcraft Money has always been a bit of an enigma to me – everyone else seems to earn it much more easily than me.

Although I don’t like it – I have looked at ways of getting a few extra gold coins. Frankly grinding away earning gold bores me stupid – but in World of Warcraft money is vital to buy the best things in the game. I can’t say I was too keen in purchasing gold – although the clandestine meeting where the gold was passed to me in a rolled up sack at midnight behind the stormbank quite appealed. But then again I was bound to find the Blizzard undercover agent who was out to entrap utter noobs like me. I did have a happy half hour remembering all my favourite spy films though – remember Harry Lime – no of course you don’t this is about World of warcraft money isn’t it buy wow gold.

World of Warcraft Money making Guides

So how do I earn some cash – I turned in fact to some of the money making guides that are for sale – still not overly keen on paying for this sort of information – I did clear it in my mind – if the purchase made my online time that much more pleasurable and saved me months of my usual pathetic money making attempts – buy low – and sell well erm lower – then it was probably worth the small investment.

The growth of Digital information products is probably built on the same decision making process – how much am I willing to pay for the information I need -in my case about World of Warcraft money. This did make it easier and after all the guys who wrote these things had spent many, many hours researching, trialling and perfecting these methods and then preapring all the reports and documentation – so if I got decent documentation it seemed a good purchase.

Now I’m not sure exactly what sort of person creates a huge guide to World of Warcraft money making but two thoughts do cross my mind.

1) Thanks for figuring all this out for me.
2) I suspect they spend way too much time playing this game!

World of Warcraft is a fantastic game but there are some extremely boring bits and these inevitably seem to revolve around money making. I tried quite a few of these guides and I am afraid they are a very mixed bag. There are a few that are not however and one of these is by Wayne Williams – one of the Rockafellers of World of Warcraft Money.

You get quite a lot of stuff for your money – a huge guide to making money in WoW, lots of step by step guides complete with lots of screen captures to help explain the concepts. there are specific instructions on how to perform these and I don’t think many players would have the knowledge of many of these World of Warcraft Money Making schemes. Some really surprising methods that I am quite sure would have continued to elude me without this guide.

There is also a mining map guide which shows you the very exact spots for the most profitable mining – needless to say I’d managed to avoid all of these as well ! The other major bonus is the Auction House guide -which is extremely good – many reports write very vague tips around World of Warcraft Money making in the auction houses but Wayne actually delivers videos of his techniques so you can see the exact process he is following. All the methods are thus explained very well and clearly.

There’s also a really well written Basics guide for anyone new to World of Warcraft.