Videocon – The Mobile Company

With 17 manufacturing sites in India itself, Videocon is all set to rock the new segments of business as well. Being one of the largest home appliances and consumer electronics companies, Videocon has its wings spread beyond India, too.

It has forayed into various markets like color picture tube glass, oil and gas, telecommunication, DTH, consumer electronics and also the latest, mobile phones. No wonder why people vouch for their Videocon products. The products have held its value and people return to buy more and more of Videocon items. Be it a refrigerator or an AC or just a cell phone, Videocon is just as good as it gets PC Drivers download.

With a humongous brand recall, Videocon is still going great with its new ventures. The Videocon mobiles were launched in 2009 and are making it big while growing expanding almost every day. You have various ranges of choices to make when it comes to the cell phones. You can opt for the multimedia phones, the touch phones, the camera phones, music phones, v-connect phones, GSM and CDMA phones, so on and so forth. You buy as per your requirement; they just have it ready for you.

Checkout the various touch phones like V1455, V2950, V1750 and V1655. They are just too cool for the new generation. Out of the multimedia Videocon mobiles, you can opt from V1604, V1502, V1705 and V1602. If you are a camera person then the best sets for you would be V1420, V1401, V1402 and much more, Checkout the variety of phones to understand the brand and its value.