NBA 2K18 – A Must Buy and Here’s Why

I bought this game after getting word that it was ridiculously good and having only played an NBA game a few times before on PlayStation 2 I decided to take a risk and buy it while it was on special. I wasn’t disappointed.

Smooth, clean and highly addictive would be my first words to describe 2K11’s gameplay mechanics. After fumbling around with the controls for a few quick matches and lowering the difficulty, I eventually picked up the basics. Coming from a person who usually tends towards first or third person action games, I can gladly say that the controls aren’t overly challenging to pick up so if you’re a newbie to this genre, don’t be afraid of the learning curve. Players who have played previous titles should be well in their comfort zone and although there are a few tweaks since 2K10, the fundamental mechanics are the same Cheap 2K18 MT.

There are so many elements to this game that describing all of them in a short review is nearly impossible but I will briefly describe the modes that I have really enjoyed. First off, the My Player mode is a great addition to this game. Straight off the bat, the customization is surprisingly in-depth for a sports game and gives you a lot of options in terms of character appearance and style. You only play as your player so getting drafted into an NBA team is initially quite a challenge if you don’t have a consistent overall performance. There is a good feeling of development in this mode as you will eventually see big changes in your player’s performance if you invest in his skills with points earned from games.

Another mode worthy of mention is the Michael Jordan Challenge. The name of the mode explains a lot as all ten of the games you play with as the Bulls require specific statistics to be achieved such as rebounds or points, meaning that you actually have to focus on what happens on court. This mode also serves as a great tribute to MJ himself. The last major mode is Multiplayer, where you can play head-to-head against your buddies online. Shooting 3’s, dunkin’ on your opponent and most importantly winning, all lead to bragging rights amongst your pals. 2K11 is chock full of content which will leave all you NBA fans slap-happy for a long time and I’ve only mentioned the three major game modes.

Everything about the game is just well done; even the way that the matches are presented and the commentary just make it that more true to life. The individual players of the NBA are captured perfectly, each with their own style and special qualities and the teams themselves actually portray realistic team chemistry and interaction. The only negative I can draw out of this game is the small graphical hiccups that occur such as the oblivious attitude that the players seem to display, colliding into each other when walking around during close-ups and the referees occasionally sliding along to get to the ball when a foul is called.