Who Is Going To Hold The World Cup?

“2007” is again a year for the ninth edition of the World Cup Cricket Tournament, and all the sixteen Nations are holding its breath. But the question often arises that who is going to hold the Cup? All the sixteen teams are full of passion and dedication and as the day is coming closer and closer, the passion is growing more rapidly.

The 16 Nations that are participating in the ICC World Cup 2007 Tournament include: India, Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe Bangladesh, Kenya, Netherlands, Scotland, Bermuda, Ireland, Canada. The top nine Nations hold a very good record. This can be viewed by their ranking from ICC (International Cricket Council today match prediction both team to score).

Amongst top ten, South Africa hold the first rank with 4595 points. The team has played 36 matches and has rated 128 in the countdown. The second rank is occupied by Australia with 5753 points. The tremendous victory twice in the World Cup has rated Australia on 125 in 46 matches. New Zealand holds the third position with 4172 points in 37 matches. ICC has ranked the Nation with 113 ratings. Next comes the Pakistan. ICC has ranked it on the fourth position with 3780 points. The country has played 34 matches and has received 111 rating. India has been ranked on the fifth position, with 5243 points. From point wise the nation is superior to Pakistan and has played more matches than Pakistan but it has been ranked fifth by its 109 ratings.

On sixth position lies Sri Lanka with 4733 points. The Country has played 44 matches and has received 108 rating. England holds the seventh rank with 3806 points. The team has played 36 matches and has rated 106 in the countdown. West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe lies on eighth, ninth and tenth position. In this countdown West Indies holds101 rating with 3956 points, Bangladesh holds 42 rating with 1454 points and Zimbabwe hold 22 rating with 755 points.

Form the above-mentioned ranking, we find that South Africa holds the top position, but the chances of winning the Cup is much more favorable for Australia. As the Country has lifted the cup from last two editions of the World Cup and is still on the verge of hat trick. So, defiantly the Country will not hold any space to lose the Cup.

Thus, the aforesaid ranking and Australian situation states some indication and prediction as to who is going to hold the Cup. But the previous performance of the top 10-ranked team takes us in a dilemmatic situation, where the judgment becomes more complicated and intricate. However, the prospects of World Cup are under dilemmatic situation but the passion and popularity is still the same among all sixteen nations.

Hence, we will have to wait and watch the World Cup!

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