How to Get Thousands of Video Subscribers

Recently I came across a gentleman named James Wedmore on YouTube. I was really impressed with how well he does video. He is the biggest expert I’ve seen so far on video marketing. At the time of writing this he currently has over 7000 subscribers.

I wanted to take a moment to recap what James talked about in one of his videos. This video was about getting subscribers to your YouTube channel How to Get More Subscribers.

The first important question to ask is why is getting YouTube subscribers so important?

You need video subscribers. Having lots of YouTube subscribers tells YouTube and the search engines that your video needs to be ranked. James has well over 7000 YouTube subscribers using the methods I will talk about in this article.

You not only want subscribers but you want loyal viewers who are anxious to see your next video. Repeat video viewers are more likely to visit your website or take the action you want them to take.

Here are three things you need in order to be effective in your video marketing.

1. Be consistent. Create consistent content week after week or month after month.

2. Deliver value. Make sure to leave your viewer with more knowledge for making an impact in their business or personal life.

3. Be remarkable. You should deliver content in such a way that it makes your viewers say “wow.”

Here are the 6 strategies you can use to get more YouTube video subscribers.

6 Core Strategies of How to Get Video Subscribers

1. Simply ask. Ask your viewer to subscribe.There are three important things to mention when asking for someone to subscribe. They are what, how, and why.

2. Annotations. You annotations can be clickable links that viewers can click on to subscribe. Too much is annoying but a few will gently ask your viewer to subscribe.

3. Post your videos on your website. Post a “subscribe” widget below your video on your website, blog or any blog where your video is posted.

4. Connect with other YouTube marketers and you can both build up your subscriber base by promoting each other’s videos. This is best if you are not competing but are in similar niches.