Five Superbowl Recipes for the Outdoorsman

Most people are used to hot wings, pizza, and chips on Superbowl Sunday. There is nothing wrong with this traditional fare. However, it is rather bland and plain for the outdoorsman. His Superbowl Sunday munchies are often a little less than the usual menu.

Outdoorsmen, especially bow hunters, will often enjoy venison jerky. It is easy to make. It is made by seasoning and drying out deer meat. The taste is often considered superior to everyday beef jerky. This is a treat that a hunter really can make from scratch.

Fried catfish is another great outdoor food. Catfish are easy to catch, often swimming into traps. They must be handled with care, as their whiskers can cause a great deal of pain if they come into contact with skin. Catfish can be filleted and fried. It can also be chopped into nuggets, or fish steaks. Seasoned, battered, and fried; catfish is a mouthwatering treat.

An outdoorsman can put a spin on hot wings. Instead of chicken, an outdoorsman could make his wings from quail, pheasant, or even duck. Since it would take a lot of meat to make wings, another option would be to fry or barbecue these birds. A homemade barbecue sauce or frying batter adds an even more unique touch to the dish. Not only can the outdoorsman make this from scratch, like the deer jerky, but by using his own personal barbecue sauce or frying batter, he can ensure that no one can replicate his masterpiece Superbowl 52 live.

Many outdoorsmen make chili that they take to the woods with them. Chili, alone in a bowl, or as a dipping compliment for bread or chips, can be a wonderful Superbowl food. Chili can be looked at as traditional, but when you have a hunter in the family, any number of meats can wind up in the chili. This can make the dish even more flavorful and unique.

Buffalo hamburgers are not your usual grill fare. They are leaner than traditional ground beef and, some say, more tender. Buffalo burgers are a great food for the outdoorsman’s game day. They offer the idea of the traditional, but are anything but. If the buffalo meat has been purchased at the grocery store, its price will not be that much more expensive than traditional ground beef. For roughly the same amount of money, a humdrum Superbowl food can be given a new life